Executive Director Job

Executive Director of Platte Development Corporation and Platte Area Chamber

As the Executive Director you will work to lead, develop and support the Platte community in economic growth and business development. The Executive Director is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and providing direction to accomplish the mission and goals of both the Platte Development Corporation and the Platte Area Chamber. You will act as the organization’s spokesperson and advocate working in partnership with both the Board of Directors, the City office and other community entities. Starting salary will be $37K, and can be negotiated depending on experience. Benefits include a 3% IRA match, $250 medical stipend monthly, and $100 cell phone stipend monthly.

Position Requirements:

Degree or work experience in community or economic development, public administration, business administration, or marketing is required. 

Knowledge of the principles and practices of economic development as they apply to our community or agreement to take recommended courses and training. 

Ability to creatively implement plans and programs designed to solve identified problem areas. 

Knowledge of public relations, external community image building, and marketing.

Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with city, county and state officials, business owners and managers, financial agents and the general public.  

Ability to effectively support the work of citizen groups involved in economic development. 

Ability to communicate well, develop productive relationships, and organize multiple complex tasks are critical.

Research and develop fundraising opportunities that will meet the financial targets set by the Board of Directors.

To facilitate and coordinate a joint meeting between the Platte Development and Platte Chamber Board of Directors every three months.

To facilitate and coordinate a yearly Work Plan retreat with both Platte Development, Platte Chamber and City board members.

To meet with business owners/managers in Platte and the surrounding area on a yearly basis and to follow up on businesses who need assistance on future projects or tasks.

Attend city council meetings on a monthly basis to inform the council on Chamber & Economic Development action and goals.

Do a bi-yearly land inventory for available property and buildings for commercial, industry, business or residential uses.

To attend conferences and meetings that may educate and/or assist our executive director to lead the Chamber and Economic Development Organizations.

To be visible to the community as a leader and supporter of the community events.

Promote and market the Platte area community.

Encourage new businesses from within the community.

Develop strategies for capturing more consumer dollars.

Assist in the improvement of infrastructure, housing, retail, and recreational facilities.

Perform duties as outlined by the Work Plan developed jointly with PDC & Chamber board of directors.

To apply submit your resume along with three to five professional references to: